Table 2.

Independent Predictors of 1- and 5-Year Mortality

Odds Ratio95% CIP Value
Predictors of mortality at 1 y
 Age, y1.061.041.08<0.0001
 Serum albumin, mg/dL0.670.500.910.01
 Cardiopulmonary bypass time, min1.0081.0061.011<0.0001
 Dependent functional status1.891.322.700.001
 Hemoglobin, g/dL0.880.800.970.006
Predictors of mortality at 5 y
 Age, y1.051.041.06<0.0001
 Albumin, mg/dL0.500.400.62<0.0001
 Cardiopulmonary bypass time, min1.0031.0011.00050.001
 Serum creatinine, mg/dL1.261.121.42<0.0001
 Ejection fraction0.700.570.85<0.0001
 Dependent functional status1.691.312.18<0.0001
 Hemoglobin, g/dL0.900.850.960.002
 Elective surgery0.720.520.990.04
  • For continuous variables, odds ratio represents the increase in the odds of mortality for each 1 unit increment in the predictor variable. CI indicates confidence interval; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CVD, cerebrovascular disease; IABP, intra-aortic balloon pump; and PVD, peripheral vascular disease.