Table 3.

Shock-Related Healthcare Utilization Detail

Shock-Related HCU TypeNo. of ClaimsLength of Stay*
Inpatient visits
 All (n=259)1.01±0.1113.47±3.093
  Appropriate (n=155)1.01±0.1113.60±3.213
  Inappropriate (n=80)1.00±0.0012.79±2.182
Outpatient visits
 All (n=608)2.51±2.062NANA
  Appropriate (n=346)2.57±2.132NANA
  Inappropriate (n=233)2.37±1.962NANA
  • HCU indicates healthcare utilization; NA, not applicable; and SD, standard deviation.

  • * P value for difference in mean between inappropriate and appropriate length of stay 0.02.

  • Shock events of indeterminate type are included here, but not in subsequent rows.