Table 4.

Estimation of Rates of Adverse Events 24 Months Before and 12 Months After Generic Candesartan Commercialization

All UsersGenericsBrand NameDifference in Proportions95% CI
Trend before generics commercialization (%, 1st to 23rd month)0.3*NA0.3*NANA
Level change the month of generics commercialization (%, 24th month)−0.814.0−2.616.67.9 to 25.3
One year trend change after generics commercialization (%, 24th to 36th month)−0.8*−1.1*−1.1§0.1−1.1 to 1.2
  • For interrupted time series analyzed by negative binomial segmented regression (%=ecoefficient-1×100). All users include generic and brand-name users; generics include 3 different versions of generic candesartan. 95% CI indicates 95% confidence interval around the difference in proportions; and NA, not applicable; difference in proportions of change in adverse events between generic and brand-name users.

  • * P<0.05.

  • P<0.001.

  • P<0.0001.

  • § P<0.01.